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House Rules

House Rules



You can check in to the hotel from 3 pm. Earlier check-in is possible upon request.
Upon your arrival, please provide a valid ID. We accept the following IDs:
– Passport
– ID card
In order to check in, the person to be accommodated shall fill in a registration card. All registration cards must be completed legibly and signed by the hotel guest. The hotel may decline to accommodate a guest who does not fill in the registration card properly.

The hotel does not check in:
people whose behaviour may disturb other guests;
minors without accompanying adults. 
Drunk people.

Upon arrival, guests must pay the fee for accommodation according to the issued invoice. Our hotel accepts all standard international credit and debit cards.


We kindly ask you to leave your hotel room by 11:00, at the latest. Later check-out may be possible upon earlier request. Every additional hour after 11:00 costs 5 euros. Upon check-out, guests must return the room key. The fine for losing key or not returning is 100 euros.

Smoking at the hotel:

Center Hotel follows the principles of a smoke-free hotel. Smoking is permitted only in the designated areas. Guests shall be fined for smoking in a non-designated area. The fine for smoking is 100 euros.


Maintaining of public order:

All requirements for maintaining public order, peace and the avoidance of contamination are valid at the hotel. The hotel will inform either its security workers or the police of all breaches of public order. The hotel staff may ask any hotel guest(s) causing a disturbance leave the hotel and its premises. Upon leaving, the guest must pay for the booked accommodation and additional services.

Quiet hours:

Quiet hours at the hotel start at 11 pm and last until 6 am. Disturbing other people with sound, light, mechanical, electronic devices or alike are considered a disturbance. In the event of a disturbance, the staff may involve either the security workers or the police. The staff may also ask the guest leave the hotel and its premises. Upon leaving, the guest must pay for the booked accommodation and additional services. In the event of a disturbance, the hotel may fine the guest to cover for the damages.

Guest’s responsibility upon causing damage:

As a guest, you are responsible and obligated to follow the established rules. You are responsible for the damages you or your guest may have caused either intentionally or unintentionally in the hotel room or in the public areas of the hotel. The hotel has a right to require that the guest pay for the material damages caused. The basis for the extent of the compensation is the direct damage caused, which shall be added to other expenses related to the rectifying of the damage.